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   The days of ordinary wedding invitations are long gone and prospective brides and grooms now have a plethora of shapes, styles and colors from which to choose to create wedding invitations that express their particular style and flair. 

   Trends in wedding invitations have allowed for a variety of choices, including silver and gold foil, art deco, wood, lace and laser cutting that creates intricate and beautiful filigree. 

   Today, many couples choose to create wedding invitations based on the same themes used in the wedding ceremony.  This is where wedding invitations get interesting because you can create them using any theme you can imagine, including animals, nature, seasons, military, shapes, patterns, beaches, flowers, cultures, religions, sports, destinations and hobbies. 

   Destination weddings are very popular and the most selected destination is definitely Las Vegas, which offers a huge variety for creating themed invitations that include boarding passes, playing cards, neon lights, Las Vegas welcome sign and other Vegas-related themes. 

   Many other western destinations are also popular for weddings and the beach setting is probably the most popular among them.  Choosing a destination wedding gives the couple a variety of theme choices for the invitations and the wedding ceremony, as well as a special place to associate with their special day.   

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